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    About Gaming just got real. With graphics powered by your PS5, the VR2 headset pulls you into a different world. It uses two 4K OLED displays to fill your field of view with sharp, vibrant images. And they run at up to 120 Hz refresh rate for super smooth and realistic motion. That's sharp and smooth enough to make you forget about the outside world. But, to draw you even further in, there's Tempest 3D audio that'll put planes over your head and creepers behind your back. And the included VR2 Sense controllers have the excellent haptic feedback you're used to from your PS5's controllers. Put it all together and it'll look, sound and feel like you're in the game. Good to know

    . A single USB Type-C cable is all you need – plug it into your PS5 and you're off to the races . To get the best experience, you can adjust the lenses, headband and scope to fit your eyes and head perfectly . With cameras built-in to the headset and controller tracking, there's no need for any external trackers . Need to find your controllers? See Through View lets you see the outside world through the cameras without taking the        headset off . It's super easy to set your play area – the headset scans your room and lets you see your surroundings . There are IR cameras tracking your eyes to help improve detail in the areas you're focusing on – Sony call it Foveated        Rendering . The included earphones let you jump right in, but you can also plug your own headphones into the 3.5 mm jack . There are 3 ways to play - Roomscale requires 2x2 m of free space, but you can also play just standing up or sitting down . The Create Button lets you capture gameplay and screenshots and edit and share them without leaving VR . If you want to share the fun, you can stream your gameplay live to Twitch or YouTube

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    Brand New PLAYSTATION VR2 Gaming Headset

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